We are proud to be the recommended trainer for MAKEiT, Inc.

If you have purchased training through MAKEiT for one of their large printers, we will work with you based on your staff's prior experience with 3D printing and what type of printing you plan to do. Our trainings are all created with the individual customer's needs in mind. Your MAKEiT representative will connect you with us. Typically we cover the basics of 3D printing (if you don't already have experience), operation of the hardware and software, good design practices, and some tips and tricks for typical issues. Trainings outside of Southern California will be delivered via videoconference.

If you have not purchased a training bundle from MAKEiT, we have generic training that is not specific to MAKEiT's machine or large 3D printers but which will give you some background to get started. Nonscriptum has several online 3D printing courses through various providers; you can see details here. These courses are not specific to a particular printer brand.

  • Our LERN Network course is four weeks long and allows you to interact with us on a discussion forum

  • Our Learning courses are each between one and two hours long and are available with a subscription to LinkedIn Learning.

Just want a good book to reference? Our currently-available ones are listed here. Our books are available from their publishers or via retailers like Amazon.

We periodically have in-person courses in Southern California both for beginners and more advanced users. Check to see if any are scheduled.

Contact us if you are interested in hosting a live class in California or to know more about our online offerings.